Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Iran/Yazd, nothing! Posted by Hello


KamBaBaPhotolog said...

Now, I am sure that you are crazy! You want to tell me that you could not find anything better to take a photo from in Yazd? Yazd! Let me help you, does "Baadgir" means anything to you? Do you know what Kahgel is? What about desert? As far as I am concerned this could be your company's backyard in Tehran :-) Other than that, this is a funny photo. Did you stage it? Or were the boots the way they are? What a lazy worker you have there :-)

Farzin said...

He, He, He
You know what happened? When I opened the page, I thought that I had opened KambabaPhotoLog and this is another shot of the floor of Metro station.
In first look, I insist on it, FIRST LOOK [because I'm sure Sb. will object and make fun of me] the floor was very similar to Lionel-Groulx Metro station.