Thursday, June 24, 2004

Iran/Yazd, If you know Persian, ...;) Posted by Hello


Farzin said...

Ok, mmmm, mmmm, mmmm,
I have no question. KambabaPhotoLog, do you have?

KamBaBaPhotolog said...

As a matter of fact I have a question! How could you kill someone without making any Sharia problem for yourself? Is it okay if you put him beside the side-walk and PEKH PEKH his head? Or maybe it is okay with Sharia if you kick him in the balls? What about sending him to Iraq as an American contractor?

What are those two ladies in the photo looking at? Are they taking down the number? Do they have questions? Haj Agha, why didn't you help them with their problems? :-) Photography doesn't give you time to take care of more important issues I guess.

Farbod said...

Kambaba, you can ask your questions by telephone or HOZOORI! You can find the telephone number in the photo!