Sunday, June 13, 2004

Iran/Tehran/, Deezee is one of popular food in Iran. It's made of meat, potato, tomato, water and etc. It's eaten with bread, onion and vegetable. It’s really delicious!
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Farzin said...

OK. We don't have Dizzi here like what you have.
There are many different advertisements in TV for McDonald's and at the end of all of them, it's said:
"I'm lovin' it". Let's use it for Dizzi.
I'm lovin' it.

Kambiz said...

To be even - since Farbod is burning our bellies - we have to take photos from Smirnoff Ice bottles and post them just for him. And, by the way, we DO have Dizzi in Montréal. I can think of two right now. One is the restaurant the name of which escapes me right now on Laurier street, the other one is Mashti Farzin. Yes, I know, Mashti Farzin's Dizzi is nowhere near our Dizzi Saraa in Tehran. But, that is all we can afford here in Montréal. The only thing to remember after having Mashti Farzin's Dizzi is the walk on Ste. Chaterine street and the necessary Gooz-o-Choss. Hopefully no one with enough knowledge of Farsi is reading this.

Anonymous said...

Amir: :)