Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Iran/Tehran, I suppose that the Milad tower will be complete next year. Now, they’re completing the crown of tower. It will be 4th tallest tower in the world!

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Farzin said...

Actually it's a very GREAT shot. More than ever!

PS. Sb's eyes will come out!!!!! :))

KamBaBaPhotolog said...

No, my eyes are okay, there is no need for them to jump out or anything.

Just wanted to ask a simple question about what you meant. You meant Farbod had not been taking great photos? Did you mean that you are the one who is getting better photos? No discussion there, you are doing well, not as good as me, but well enough for someone like you. Farbod is not doing a bad job either and I disagree with you there. Yes, I know, everyone knows that a tower like that in the middle of the city is an attractive subject for taking pictures - even Farbod. But, not everyone who tries will be able to take a nice shot as Farbod did. For example, if you were the one taking this photo, who knows what would be the result, probably not as good as it is right now (Agh Farbod chaakerim).


P.S. Okay, you guys have to give us a heads up before you want to start the fight. I prefer to have some popcorns in hand when I am watching a fight :-)