Wednesday, October 13, 2004

France/Paris, Egiptian coffin in Louvre museum from Egiptian antiquities collection! Posted by Hello


Farzin said...

You said how many hours you spent in Louvre? Did you see everything?
By the way, it seems some of the antique stuff has no glass around, am I right?
What about temperature? How is it being controlled? Did you find out anything?

Farbod said...

Farzin, I was in Louvre about 6 hours. If anybody wants see everything in Louvre, I think he needs 3 weeks! I went to every collection of Louvre, but I could not see everything.
Some of the antique stuff has no glass around, but some of them has glass and alarm also. You have not to touch anything in Louvre.
Temperature was normal and I don't know about controlling of it, I took some photos and I'll upload one of them later and you can find your answer!